Bainan Biotech

Bainan Biotech


A gut approach to osteoporosis

Bainan Biotech is a Danish biotech company, exploring a novel approach to treating osteoporosis using the body’s natural hormone responses.


Unmet need

Current treatments of osteoporosis does not give satisfactory coverage of premenopausal women due to safety and efficacy issues.

Novel Approach

Bainan Biotech is developing a first-in-class GIP/GLP-2 dual agonists, to treat osteoporosis by both inhibiting resorption and increasing absorption in the bone tissue. Based on strong proof of concept data in humans using natural hormones, we strife develop a safe and efficacious treatment.

Scientific excellence

Spun out from the University of Copenhagen, Bainan Biotech’s founding team has 100 years of collective experience in gut hormone research.