Bainan Biotech


The Bainan Biotech team raises DKK 3.5m for further proof-of-principle and candidate development

We are delighted to announce that the Bainan team has secured a pre-seed grant, which has been gifted to Mette Rosenkilde and Bolette Hartmann at University of Copenhagen. The pre-seed of DKK3.5m has been granted by Novo Holdings, which has previously gifted an exploratory pre-seed for the same project.

The pre-seed, which will be used in two tranches, is to ensure a further proof-of-principle in selected patient groups. Furthermore, we will be selecting a lead compound, as well as confirming the long-term effects and pharmacokinetics in vivo.

In addition, a part of the grant has been earmarked for a collaboration with BiOrigin, which will be ensuring a sound and solid development plan for the future ahead.

Lastly, We would like to thank all the people who have involved themselves in our progress and development, as well as the team of Novo Holdings for investing in the future of osteoporosis treatment.

Tue Emborg